Teaching German Conversation: A Guide for Language Teachers

As an online German teacher, teaching conversation skills is a crucial aspect of helping your students improve their fluency in the language. In conversation classes, students practice speaking and listening skills, while also applying grammar rules they’ve learned. In this article, I will provide you with tips on how to create engaging and effective conversation classes for your students.

1. Plan Your Lesson Thoroughly

Before starting your conversation class, it is important to plan your lesson thoroughly. Start by thinking about the objectives of your class, and what language skills you want your students to practice. You should also consider their level of fluency, as well as their interests and goals. By having a clear lesson plan, you will be able to ensure that your class is productive, and that your students are making progress towards their language learning goals. Plan your lesson in a way that you won’t be stuck if the student is not the “chatty type”. Approximate the time it takes for each task to finish.

2. Use Real-Life Conversational Topics

When teaching German conversation, it is important to use topics that are relevant and interesting to your students. For example, you can discuss current events, travel, culture, food, or anything else that they may be interested in. Using real-life topics makes the conversation feel more realistic and engaging, and helps your students practice using the language in a way that they can relate to.

3. Encourage Interaction and Discussion

Conversation classes should be interactive, and you should encourage your students to speak and engage in discussion. This can be done through pair or group work, role-play activities, and asking open-ended questions. When you are leading a conversation class, it is important to listen to your students, and to provide feedback and encouragement to help them build their confidence. Confidence is a key aspect of conversation classes. Often students are hindered to speak not because they don’t know the languages but because they lack confidence.

4. Use Games and Activities

Using games and activities is a great way to make conversation classes more enjoyable and engaging for your students. For example, you can use word games, card games, vocabulary quizzes, and trivia questions to help them practice their language skills. You can also use role-play activities to help your students practice their conversation skills in more realistic context. As a result these fun activities will provide a valuable opportunity for your students to practice their language skills in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

5. Incorporate Feedback and Correction

Feedback and correction are an important part of any conversation class. When your students make mistakes, it is important to correct them in a positive and supportive manner. It is not even important to correct every singly mistake. Moreover, avoid interrupting the student while speaking. In the same vein, you can use feedback to help your students identify areas where they need to improve and suggest ways to do so.

6. Set Realistic Goals

It is important to set realistic goals for your students when teaching German conversation. For example, you might aim to have your students use a particular grammar structure in a conversation. In a different class you encourage them to use vocabulary on a specific topic. Setting realistic goals will help your students focus on the areas where they need to improve. Furthermore, it will also provide a clear sense of achievement when they reach their goals.

7. Use Technology to Enhance Your Classes

Technology can be a powerful tool for online German teachers. You can use video conferencing software to conduct your classes, and you can also use educational apps, games, and other resources to help your students practice their language skills. For example, you might use a language learning app to help your students practice their vocabulary, or you might use a virtual reality game to help them practice their conversation skills in a more immersive and engaging setting.


Teaching German conversation is an important part of helping your students improve their fluency in the language. By using real-life topics, encouraging interaction and discussion, using games and activities, incorporating feedback and correction and setting realistic goals.


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